Elevate your organization's capabilities with Blendata Enterprise! Seamlessly handle Big Data tasks using cutting-edge technology that offers both convenience and affordability. Our solution encompasses all the essential workloads required for effectively managing Big Data.

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Data Lakehouse

Blending the best of data lakes and data warehouses. Unify all your data, processing, analytics, AI/ML, and govern it all with enterprise-grade security.

data integration

Data Integration & ETL

Integrate data from various sources and process it with the power of Blendata's Big Data engine, the optimized Apache Spark. Shorten processing times by at least 2x compared to traditional ETL tools.


Interactive SQL Analysis

Streamline your data exploration, processing, or reporting with a familiar grammar, incorporating ANSI SQL and Spark SQL functions. Easily explore, manage, and schedule processing jobs for your data or connect with your choice of BI tools like Tableau, Qlik, or PowerBI.


Advanced Analytics (AI/ML)

From integrating big data, performing processing & analytics, to crafting AI/ML models for advanced analytics solutions. Providing a familiar data scientist experience with a notebook interface that can be controlled through popular coding languages like Python (PySpark), R (SparkR), Scala/Java, and SQL.


Streaming Analytics

Real-time processing of large streaming data sources like sensors, IoT device data, logs, metrics, and more, using familiar syntax such as SQL or coding with Python, R, Scala, or Java. Achieve real-time data analytics use cases with a robust and efficient platform.


Hadoop Platform Replacement

Discover an alternative big data management solution to traditional Hadoop platforms that delivers equivalent business outcomes while offering cost savings by optimizing a tremendous amount of resources with a Lakehouse architecture.

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