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Use Cases

customer lifecycle experience

Life Cycle Experience Management

Blendata's solution tackle up the challenge of call center inefficiency in resolving top-up problems. By consolidating data sources and conducting root cause analysis, the ability to accelerates the discovery of root causes, reducing the time needed from days to seconds. This not only decreases technical support burden and costs but also significantly improves customer satisfaction.

near real time

Near Real-time Analytics Triggering Campaigns

Blendata's solution handles the challenge of real-time campaign delivery by consolidating data, analyzing clusters, and triggering SMS campaigns based on customer locations and telecom cell sites. This method allows personalized offers to customers, boosting conversion rates and ROI, and enables the company to conduct multiple campaigns simultaneously without disruptions.

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Churn Score

Blendata's solution helps manage the challenge of customer churn by utilizing data and AI/ML models to indicate the possibility of churn among customers and promptly delivering this information to marketing and other relevant teams. This procedure reduces customer churn, leading to an increase in revenue and a decrease in acquisition costs.