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Interactive SQL Analysis


Blendata Enterprise - The data lakehouse for complex SQL analysis in real-time.


Complex SQL queries in real-time

With Blendata technology, users can write complex SQL queries to extract and retrieve valuable information at a glance from their data. This enables data consumers to perform ad-hoc analysis and create interactive dashboards in real-time.


Leverage the best of data lake and warehouse

Bring in any data and store it easily with data lake characteristics while still being able to perform complex processing in a data warehouse manner.


Centralized not just data, but any platform

Ad-hoc analysis often requires users to run SQL on multiple datasets, some of which may be stored on various platforms. Blendata Enterprise supports data integration without the need to pre-copy the data to this platform, allowing users to freely query from anywhere with minimal data movement.

Highlight Features

data exploration

Data Exploration

Offering the same data preparation engine and functions as SQL analysis (data exploration UI) but with a more user-friendly approach to support low-code/no-code data preparation for non-technical users in a matter of seconds.