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Hadoop Platform Replacement


The Hybrid-ready Big Data Lakehouse to Replace Traditional Hadoop Platforms

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On-premise Data Lakehouse

One of the few solutions that support Data Lakehouse architecture, both on the cloud and on-premise, with a proven track record of replacing over a hundred Hadoop platforms with Blendata Enterprise.



This is not just about software license fees; it's about an architecture that fully adopts Data Lakehouse principles. Decoupling compute and storage architecture leads to a dramatic reduction in hardware and infrastructure footprint.

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Low Migration and Maintenance Efforts

With Blendata's Apache Spark, technologies very similar to the Hadoop ecosystem in terms of usage and maintenance. Customers can easily use their data in Blendata in the same way they do with Hadoop.

Highlight Features

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Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Blendata reduces the hardware, software, information technology system, maintenance, and technical personnel costs compared to conventional systems.


Modernize Data Foundation with Lakehouse

Upgrade to a modern big data platform that is flexible, open, and adjustable on demand to support future data growth with lower cost compared to traditional Hadoop solution.