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Advanced Analytics (AI/ML)


The Lakehouse platform for advanced analytics with Big data capabilities.

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Unified Data and AI/ML

Instead of using one tool for data preprocessing and another for AI/ML modeling, with Blendata Enterprise, customers can easily use a single platform to manage end-to-end pipelines for creating advanced analytics solutions with ease.

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Scalable on Production Use

Traditional AI/ML solutions are often based on scripting, which isn't ideal for production use due to performance, security, and maintenance concerns. Blendata Enterprise provides an enterprise-grade platform for end-to-end, scalable, and secure advanced analytics solutions for any organization.



Compared to typical commercial AI/ML products, Blendata Enterprise offers a more reasonable cost, with savings ranging from 2x to 10x less expensive.

Highlight Features


AI/ML with Notebook Interface

Provides a familiar experience for data engineers and ML developers with a notebook interface that supports all well-known programming languages, such as Python, R, Scala, and SQL.